We are honoured to have some of the world’s greatest environmental icons as our patrons.

HRH Prince Philip
Books and lectures can do a lot to explain the facts of life on this planet, but images and sounds are better at stirring the imagination. I am quite sure that through its series of Festivals and Arkive, Wildscreen has been responsible for making more people aware of the natural world than any other conservation organisation. HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh
Sir David Attenborough
Films and photographs are major elements in the battle to protect our imperilled natural world. Wildscreen work with the best photographers and filmmakers to help promote conservation. They are the best at what they do and all their initiatives reflect this. Wildscreen has become a crucial force in bringing about changes of attitude that will have to happen if humanity is not to totally devastate the planet. Sir David Attenborough, Naturalist and Broadcaster
Dr Sylvia Earle
Wildscreen and Arkive are all about knowing the natural world, creating awareness about the connections between ourselves and all creatures, from minute microbes to mighty giants. With knowing comes caring, and with caring there is hope - we have a chance now, as never before - and perhaps as never again - to provide security for wildlife on the land and in the sea, and in so doing, security for ourselves. Dr Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer
Dr George C. McGavin
If you don’t capture audiences, if you don’t inspire them, if you don’t grab their interest by being entertaining, they will learn absolutely zip. It should be entertaining first, and the education will follow. And Wildscreen does just that through its Arkive project, capturing the imagination of a huge variety of visitors. If you love the natural world you can be part of a unique enterprise to document our planet’s wildlife and by doing so you contribute directly to global conservation, education and understanding. Dr George C. McGavin, Zoologist, Lecturer and Broadcaster
Professor Edward O. Wilson
Wildscreen has gained international recognition and support because, first it is the premier supporter of wildlife and natural history films in the world, and second because Arkive is our leading repository for images of Earth's endangered species. This enterprise is fundamental to research and education, and will grow more so with each passing year. I'm proud and pleased to be a patron. Professor Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University