Human activity is causing the Earth’s climate to change at an alarming rate. While Wildscreen’s goal is to shine a light on the incredible stories of our natural world and inspire the wider public to feel part of it and protect it, we also have a duty to do all that we can to minimise our impact upon the environment while delivering this mission. We have been working on how we plan to do this and putting together our Environmental Policy.

With it, we pledge to be open and transparent about Wildscreen and to constantly strive to do better. We will continue to learn and evolve in order to lessen the impact that we, as a charity, have on the natural world. We hope that our pledges will inspire others to do the same and actively encourage any and every operation to join us in putting the planet first in everything we do. 

To discover our previous Environmental Policy, click the link below:

Wildscreen Environmental Policy

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If you’re looking for information about a species, try National Geographic Photo Ark or IUCN Red List