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Arkive Valentine's Day #LoveSpecies Campaign

04 February 2016 | Wildscreen

In 2013 we launched Arkive's first #LoveSpecies campaign with the aim of finding the World's Favourite Species and the kakapo stole the show, gaining a huge percentage of your votes. For this year's campaign, we decided that we should highlight the little-known heroes of the animal kingdom that often get overshadowed by the more cute, cuddly and charismatic species.

We spoke to 84 conservation organisations from around the world and asked them to nominate a species that they think is underappreciated and tell us why they think that they deserve a fair share of the limelight, this Valentine's Day.

We have compiled a list of some of the natural world's most weird and wonderful creatures and we are asking you to vote for your favourite to give it some much-needed time to shine! If you can't decide which one you think is most deserving of this accolade, each has a blog written by the conservation organisation who nominated it to give you more information about the species and tell you how special it is.

Voting ends on February 14 at 23:59 PST (07:59 GMT) and you only have one chance to vote so choose wisely! You can also share your vote on social media using the hashtag #LoveSpecies and encourage others to get involved too. Who will reach the top 10 of the World's Favourite Unloved Species poll? You decide!

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If you’re looking for information about a species, try National Geographic Photo Ark or IUCN Red List