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22 November 2021 | Wildscreen

As the climate crisis impacts every corner of the globe it is imperative that we, as a global community, listen to the stories of individuals at the front line of conservation.

Indigenous communities are in a constant fight to protect their ancestral land and the ancient and deep-rooted natural world that they inhabit. They are the guardians of these vital ecosystems and thriving biodiversity. Their stories are an essential component to the survival of our planet and their understanding of humans as a part of nature, must be shared.

Bristol-based charity Wildscreen are proud to be featuring a vibrant series of photographs from indigenous people across the world focusing on the theme of ‘Community’. Curated in collaboration with If Not Us Then Who and their network of artists who have kindly provided their powerful, and emotive work for this inspiring exhibition. Photography from Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá, Elizabeth Swanson Andi, Irati Dojura, Morena Pérez Joachin & Pablo Franceschi and Adrielle Priscila da Silva Tavares is included.

The exhibition was first on display for delegates of Wildscreen’s Communicating COP26 event on Monday 15th November in the stunning Sansovino room of Bristol Harbour Hotel. Photographer, scientist and member of the Napu Kichwa people Elizabeth Swanson Andi attended the event to share her experiences of community in Ecuador and explain her method of storytelling. 

“Community is remembering those before and thinking of all those who are yet to come.” - Elizabeth Swanson Andi

In partnership with If Not Us Then Who, a limited edition release of these curated prints are available to pre-order until Sunday 28 November, and the majority of profits will return to the local communities to support their efforts in guarding ancestral land and conserving biodiversity. The full exhibition is available to watch on Big Screen at Millennium Square, with the prints traveling to Bath Royal Hospital and then available for hire alongside ArtPost.

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