Virtual Edition
19 - 23 Oct, 2020

The Wildscreen Official Selection Pre-selection Panel

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the pre-selection panel who dedicated their time and expertise to the first ever Official Selection!

Julia Brow, Henrietta Cloake, Paul-Aurélien Combre, Edo Dzafic, David Elkins, Joe Galuszka, Della Golding, Isabelle Groc, Jeremy Hogarth, Rachelle Keeling, Nadege Laici, Cleo Lake, Alex McDonald, Zakiya Mckenzie, Azalia Muchransyah, Hannah Norris, Catriona Parfitt, Mischa Purnell, Diego Ramos, Michael Sanderson, Ana Santos, Andrea Small, Claire Spelling, Doel Trivedy, Kalyan Varma, Roger C J Wang

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