Official Selection Pre-selection Panel

Discover the incredible line-up of international pre-selectors who are supporting with reviewing the outstanding productions entered into our Official Selection before handing over to our Programmers.

Thank you to: Amy Thompson, Ana Luisa Santos, Andrea Small, Anne Weinhold, Carole Larsen, Christian Robson, Claire Spelling, Coralie Migne, David Pokupec, Edo Dzafic, Evelyn Smalley, Hannah Galyop Pam-Hworo, Isabelle Groc, Jeremy Hogarth, Joe Galuszka, Kalyan Varma, Kelly Cherry, Laura Pratt, Martha Fernanda Alvarez Gastelum, Michael Mwang'ombe, Michael Sanderson, Nadege Laici, Nick Samuel Lord, Robson Henrique de Carvalho, Rosa Prosser, Sarah-Jane Walsh & Tom Land.

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Amy Thompson - Assistant Producer, Silverback Films

Originally from Manchester and now based in Bristol, Amy has worked on natural history productions for the BBC, Channel 4, PBS and Smithsonian, most recently on BBC One's A Perfect Planet. She is currently working at Silverback Films on an upcoming landmark series for Netflix.

Ana Santos - Wildlife Filmmaker, Ateles Films

Ana Luisa Santos, as one of the only female Portuguese wildlife filmmakers, produces, directs and shoots long form blue-chip behavioral wildlife and natural history documentaries across the globe for channels such as NHK, France Televisions, Nat Geo Wild and Terra Mater. Educated as an engineer, she actively contributes as a judge for main wildlife film festivals in Europe and USA.

Andrea Small - Librarian & Film Enthusiast

Andrea Small is a librarian, stage manager, and film enthusiast. She is delighted to join the Wildscreen Festival as a pre-selector.  Andrea graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and English; and earned her Masters of Library and Information Science from San José State University. As a librarian, Andrea is a media selector for 18 libraries in Maricopa County. She loves working in film and theatre production, and volunteers with film festivals across Arizona.

Anne Weinhold - Corporate Partnerships Lead, Marine Conservation Society

Anne is an experienced marine conservation entrepreneur. She started a social enterprise in Sussex in 2015, running an inshore fisheries heritage programme and the first community based seaweed festival. She now leads the corporate partnerships team at the Marine Conservation Society.


Carole Larsen

Christian Robson

Claire Spelling -  Production Assistant

Claire works as a production assistant for BBC Studios Natural History Unit here in Bristol, where she has supported several recent landmarks including The Green Planet, Dynasties II and Prehistoric Planet. Claire has a background in media and communications, and recently returned to University to complete a degree in Wildlife Filmmaking and Photography. A passionate conservationist and creator, Claire splits her time between her busy role at the NHU, and supporting her local Wildlife Hospital as a volunteer filmmaker and campaign organiser.


Coralie Migné - Student 

Coralie Migné is a third year zoology student and a wildlife photographer. She is particularly interested in how human and wildlife can co-exist. 


David Pokupec - Freelance photographer and Filmmaker

David Pokupec is a photographer with a background in marine ecology. After graduation, he chose a path toward becoming a marine mammal biologist. Working in dolphin research inspired him to utilise his passion for photography as an agent for scientific communication. Currently, he is working on the development of his documentary film.


Edo Dzafic - Freelance Senior Researcher

After obtaining his PhD in Biology, Edo first gained experience as a researcher for natural history and science content at different indies in London and Bristol. He earned his first researcher credit for “Attenborough’s Wonder of Song'' for BBC, and has been working on various projects in the UK, USA, and Germany.


Evelyn Smalley - Emerging Wildlife Filmmaker 

Evelyn Smalley is a zoologist, emerging wildlife filmmaker and Girl's Who Click ambassador. After producing her first documentary 'The Salamander's Saviour' she is determined to share more stories of the unique characters working on the frontlines of conservation and environmental justice.

Hannah Galyop Pam-Hworo - Zoology Student

I am a student of Zoology at the University of Jos, Nigeria. I am a Cinematographer, I work with a media company and also volunteer my service at an NGO, Jos Film Initiative. I am also passionate about the conservation of marine life.

Isabelle Groc - Documentary Filmmaker

Isabelle Groc is a writer, conservation photographer, and documentary filmmaker focusing on endangered species and the relationships between people and the natural world. Isabelle grew up in France and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a fellow of the Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Societies of Canada and the UK. Her work has appeared in international media including National Geographic News, BBC Wildlife, and Canadian Wildlife. She is the author of two non fiction children’s books on wildlife conservation: Gone is Gone: Wildlife under Threat and Sea Otters: A Survival Story. Isabelle has also written and directed over a dozen films on wildlife conservation. Her most recent feature documentary, Toad People, has received international recognition including a Wildscreen Impact Panda Award in Bristol. For more information

Jeremy Hogarth

In March 1971 I got onto a small local trading boat and along with a cargo of live chickens made the crossing from Lombok to Bali. It took about four hours with the current flowing fiercely through the narrow and deep strait.  I had crossed from Australasia to Asia, from one biological creation to another on either side of the Wallace Line.  So, fifty years after crossing that line it’s still exciting to be involved in the natural history film world.  I have been aware how different the boundaries of the broadcasting world have become.  Once just the realm of the elites, now with advances in technology it is open to every and anyone with a camera and an idea – and that’s changed the broadcast world for the better.

Joe Galuszka - Composer

Originally from Buckinghamshire; Joe Galuszka is an emerging British-Polish composer, conductor and instrumentalist. Having studied his undergraduate in music in Canterbury, Joe returned to education at the University of Bristol in 2018, graduating with an MA in Composition in Music for Film and Television. Studying under eminent television composers Martin Kiszko and William Goodchild, Joe has scored music for a number of award-winning short films and animations; having also composed a number of works for chamber ensemble and brass band. Still based in the South-West, Joe is working in partnership with Arts Council England on his latest commission by the Longwell Green Orchestra-set for a UK premiere next year. Having studied all the entries, Joe was delighted to have been picked to judge the Official Shorts Selection for the 2020'Wildscreen Festival’ and impressed with the amazing variety of stories featured this year. Good luck to everyone!

Kalyan Varma

Kelly Cherry - Student, University of Exeter

Kelly is a Zoology student based in Cornwall, UK. Her passion for conserving wildlife and the impactful messages portrayed in natural history documentaries has inspired Kelly to go behind the lens and enter the world of wildlife filmmaking. Kelly is also an advocate for increasing queer representation in wildlife production companies.

Laura Pratt - Science teacher 

Laura is an ocean enthusiast and teacher passionate about wildlife conservation and climate education. Being based in Bristol and having previous experience working for marine biology research charities, She understands the importance of Wildscreen and cannot wait to get involved in the pre-selection process this year!

Martha Fernanda Alvarez Gastelum - Content Creator

My name is Champi, a Mexican content creator based in Mexico. A lover of tea, books and road trips. I also have a passion for exploring the world, sustainability and learning new languages while getting immersed in diverse unique cultures.


Michael Mwang'ombe - Project Coordinator, Kenya Marine Mammal Research

Michael Mwang’ombe is based in Watamu, Kenya and works as a project coordinator for the Kenya Marine Mammal research and conservation focusing on marine mammal (Dolphins and whales) conservation using drones and Acoustic data collection. Michael is also a content creator and a film enthusiast.


Michael Sanderson - Wildlife Filmmaker, Ateles Films

Michael Sanderson is one of Netherlands’ top wildlife filmmakers. His cinematography features in BBC’s Planet Earth 2, Natural World and three of the biggest Dutch wildlife cinema films. Next to his award-winning production Return of the Spider Monkeys on NatGeoWild and Arte, he has been producing multiple long-form films for NHK, France Televisions and Terra Mater.

Nadege Laici - Freelance Producer

Nadege is a producer/director with more than ten years’ experience in television. She combined her zoology background with her passion for visual storytelling to film all over the world. She aspires to make thought-provoking and ambitious films, with a particular interest in those that explore the relationship between people and nature.

Nick Samuel Lord - Freelance Researcher

Nick is a Zoologist, filmmaker, photographer, and aspiring shooting PD. His passion is for all things natural history, and he uses filmmaking as a way to marry creative thinking and technology to spread important messages about a world we must cherish and protect. 

Robson Henrique de Carvalho - Marine Conservation Biologist

Robson is a Marine Conservation Biologist and Documentary Filmmaker. He is passionate about the sea turtles and the ancestral knowledge of traditional fishermen.

Rosa Prosser - Freelance Documentary Filmmaker

Rosa is a documentary filmmaker from the Lake District in the UK. She initially studied the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge, writing her thesis on the connection between language and the climate crisis. She is currently developing this topic further, writing and directing a feature film exploring Gaelic in the Outer Hebrides: how the language is changing in relation to the climate crisis and artistic responses to the ineffability of the subject.

Sarah-Jane Walsh - Assistant Producer, BBC NHU

Sarah-Jane Walsh is a marine biologist and wildlife film-maker specializing in blue-chip landmark having worked on Planet Earth II, Perfect Planet and currently on an upcoming landmark series at BBC Studios

Tom Land - Researcher

Tom is a Zoologist, specialising in animal behaviour and evolution. Since 2020, he has been working as a science researcher for Prehistoric Planet. In his spare time, Tom co-hosts a “Highly Commended” evolutionary biology podcast, Darwin’s Black Book, and is writing a book.  


Thank You!

Wildscreen are so lucky to have a wealth of international volunteers who support us to deliver each of our events. Thank you to all of the pre-selectors who have dedicated their time to help us review all fantastic Official Selection submissions.

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