Panda Award rules


The Awards are open to new or established broadcasters, film or television production companies/distributors and independent filmmakers from anywhere in the world. All entries for the Awards are made subject to these Rules.

To be eligible, a film production must:

  • have an aspect of the natural world as the central focus
  • be completed on or after 1 March 2016
  • not have been entered for a previous Panda Awards competition
  • be submitted by the producer or distributor of the film (or their authorised representative)

Productions entered into the Awards do not need to have been broadcast prior to their entry, nor do they need at the date of entry to have a future transmission date, and if screened at the Festival they do not need to be a premiere festival screening.

Wildscreen welcomes 3D, IMAX and other large format Productions in any award category but cannot guarantee judging or screening them in their original format.

Productions in languages other than English are welcome but must be subtitled or dubbed into English. Alternatively, the screener copy must be accompanied by an English script with a time code. If nominated for an award or screening, a copy of the Production must be provided by the Entrant with English dubbing or subtitles.

Sponsorship of Productions may be acknowledged in copies submitted for the Awards but submission of copies of Productions incorporating advertising is not permitted.

Submission process

Entrants must complete a separate entry form for each Production and nominate it for consideration in one or more award categories.

All submissions must be accompanied by the required enclosures as follows:

  • completed online submission form, including production details, synopsis and credits and current contact details of Entrant
  • two promotional stills from the Production in digital format
  • a screener copy of the Production
  • payment of fees for submission of the Production for the Awards ("Fees")
  • any additional information required for individual award categories as set out in the online submission form

Submission materials will not be returned. Wildscreen reserves the right to reject submissions that are incomplete.

Production partners: All partners involved in a Production must be credited in the submission form and it is the responsibility of the Entrant to notify all their Production partners of the submission. Wildscreen will assume in relation to each entry that all Production partners have agreed to the submission of the Production for the Awards. In the event that a number of different parties submit a single Production for the Awards, Wildscreen will notify all such parties that they must jointly determine the identity of a single authorised representative to act as Entrant for that Production.

Craft awards: When entering a craft award category (cinematography, editing, music, script or sound) Entrants must ensure that the individuals responsible are properly credited in the submission form.

Video specification: For the selection process each Production must be sent as a digital video file either by upload via the online submission portal. If upload is not possible, submissions can be sent by post or courier or hand delivery on a memory stick to the Wildscreen office as set out below.

Shipping: Entrants are responsible for any shipping and insurance costs for their submissions and clearances through customs including payment of duties (if necessary).

Wildscreen will take reasonable care in handling entries of Productions but cannot be responsible for any non-delivery, or damage to, or loss of copies of Productions submitted by Entrants.

Entry deadline: The official entry deadline for all submissions is 23:59 in your local timezone on 21 March 2018. Late submissions are at the discretion of Wildscreen and additional fees will incurred.

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