Neil Aldridge


Neil Aldridge is a conservationist and photographer, a lecturer in Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University and a trustee of the charities Animals Saving Animals and Poaching Prevention.

His photography has won awards all over the world, including the World Press Photo environment category, the NPPA Best of Photojournalism award for environmental storytelling and the overall title of European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His work has also featured in Wildlife Photographer of the Year and he has twice been a winner of British Wildlife Photography Awards.

Neil focuses his efforts on creating photographs and stories that increase our understanding and awareness of conservation issues and inspire change.

His biggest projects to date include stories that have documented efforts to save Africa’s rhinos and wild dogs, as well as stories from the British countryside about the controversial badger cull, pheasant shooting and our relationship with foxes.

Neil is a contributing photographer to the collaborative Photographers Against Wildlife Crime project and to Nature Picture Library, the leading wildlife photography agency. He is also a professional wildlife guide and a former South African international rower.

Twitter: @AldridgePhoto


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