Anwar Mamon

Anwar Mamon, Series Producer at BBC Studios Natural History Unit

Anwar has been producing documentaries for UK and US broadcasters for over a decade. He has been lucky enough to film in some of the most remote locations on the planet, such as the frozen Canadian High Arctic, the uncharted jungles of Burma, the dense forests of Russia and the desolate deserts in Namibia. The driving force behind everything Anwar makes is a passion to bring nature closer to audiences than ever before and also attract new viewers to the natural history genre by finding stories that are emotional, relatable and engaging. A qualified drone pilot and experienced camera op, Anwar is a tech nerd who loves finding inventive ways to use cameras. He has, with the help and guidance of scientists, put cameras on a lion, in the middle of a pod of Amazonian dolphins and captured the magic of the northern lights in real time using specialist equipment. On his latest series for the BBC and PBS, Anwar oversaw the building of a unique African waterhole with a built-in remote camera system, providing a fresh and intimate view into the lives of iconic wildlife.



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