Ashwika Kapur

Ashwika Kapur, Producer/Director

Ash is a qualified Science Communicator and an award-winning Natural History Filmmaker. In the last 6 years, Ash's time & projects have been split between India, UK and New Zealand. Over the years, Ash has worn many hats: She's worked as a self-shooting director/producer, a researcher, a Development A.P, a camera-operator and more recently, she's been dabbling in on-screen presenting. She has had work experience with companies like NHNZ, BBC NHU, Humble Bee Films, Plimsoll Productions, Silverback Films, Offspring, among others. For the last 3 years, Ash has worked closely and consistently with Humble Bee Films, UK on their development team as well as Producing and Filming for them in India. 

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