Chrissie Goldrick

Chrissie Goldrick, Editor-in-Chief at Australian Geographic

Chrissie Goldrick is Editor in Chief of Australian Geographic and Chair of the Advisory Council of the Australian Geographic Society.

She comes from a background in UK television news and newspapers where she worked on news picture desks during the 1980s. After emigrating to Australia in 1993, she joined Australian Geographic as Picture Editor. She took a leading role in developing and producing the company’s photographically-led publications range and was ultimately appointed Editor in Chief of the brand in 2012.

In this role, Chrissie is responsible for the production of the bi-monthly Australian Geographic magazine. She manages a small internal editorial team and a much larger external team of writers, photographers, videographers, editors and a cartographer. Chrissie heads up the editorial direction and content mix of the magazine and commissions the writers and photographers. She oversees all aspects of the production of the magazine and also writes stories and shoots photos.

Each year she produces a major coffee table book. Her 2016 book, A Portrait of Australia, created to celebrate 30 years of AG has recently been turned into a major travelling exhibition by the National Museum of Australia.

Over the years, as well as travelling to shoot feature stories, Chrissie has acted as a leader on numerous Australian Geographic expeditions. She sits on the advisory council of the Australian Geographic Society and is the chair of the Awards Committee that produces The AG Society Gala Awards event each year in which the brightest and best of Australian conservation and adventure are honoured. In 2018, she hosted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the event

In the past ten years, the magazine has seen a steady increase in its readership (65%) and it currently stands at 6th most read magazine in Australia (Roy Morgan second quarter report 2020) with more 680,000 readers.

It has won the specialist magazine of the year award at the Australian Magazine Awards for the past three years and Chrissie was nominated for Editor of the Year at the 2019 Publish Awards.

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