Esther Horvath

Esther Hovarth, Photographer

Esther Horvath is a Fellow at International League of Conservation Photographers, iLCP, member of The Photo Society and science photographer for Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany. 

She was born in Hungary and received her masters in economics from West Hungarian University. In 2012 following her passion for photography she moved to New York City in order to attend the International Center of Photography, where she graduated in Documentary and Photojournalism. After living 6 years in New York City, in 2018, Esther moved to Bremen, Germany. / Since 2015, Esther has dedicated her photography to the polar regions, especially to the Arctic Ocean, documenting scientific expeditions and behind the scene science stories. She follows the work of multiple science groups that are working to better understand the changing polar regions. 

By documenting the work and life of scientists who deliver important data, Esther hopes to help make a difference in how people understand what actually is occurring, and in collaboration with scientists, help raise public awareness regarding these fragile environments. 

Begun 2016, her main long-term documentary project, ‘IceBird’ follows scientific expeditions researching the changes of the Arctic Ocean sea ice. 

In 2019-2020 she documents MOSAiC expedition in the Central Arctic Ocean, the largest ever Arctic Ocean science expedition.

Esther’s work has been featured in National Geographic,The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Audubon Magazine and GEO Magazine.

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