Malaika Vaz

Malaika Vaz, Wildlife Presenter/Filmmaker

Malaika Vaz is a 23-year-old National Geographic Explorer, TV Presenter and wildlife filmmaker. Her documentaries focus on endangered species, community-led conservation and wildlife trafficking for networks like Nat Geo WILD, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Al Jazeera. As a Nat Geo Explorer, Malaika recently created a 3-part TV series on community-led Big Cat conservation in India titled ‘Living with Predators’ which is airing on Nat Geo Channel right now. She is passionate about advocating for lesser-known and endangered wildlife, and hosted an 8-part Discovery Channel/Animal Planet India television series on species like the Slender Loris, Himalayan Black Bear, Purple Frog, Red Panda and King Cobra amongst others. Malaika is also a PADI DiveMaster, Cessna Pilot, windsurfer and endurance horse rider. She documents the illegal wildlife trade globally as part of her work, and collaborates with organisations like WildAid and the Wildlife Trust of India on wildlife trafficking investigations and conservation initiatives.

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