Mark Flowers

Mark Flower, Series Producer at BBC Studios Natural History Unit

Mark Flowers is Series Producer of the Watches and was part of the extra-orindary team who navigated Springwatch 2020 through the impacts of Covid this year. The entire format of Springwatch had to be re-imagined. The team had to find new technologies and new ways of working and supporting each other in order to keep the watch going during tremendously trying circumstances. Not only did the team do it, Springwatch 2020 was a triumph, four of the episodes were the most watched show on British Terrestrial television and at times the Auduience peaked at 3 million. It struck a tone which united everyone who engaged with this multi platform brand. Digitally the Watches reached 9.5 million people! On terrestrial television It was the most popular watch in a decade. Mark says “ Springwatch 2020 is one of the high moments of my career and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of such an extra-ordinary team” . Mark’s career has spanned nearly thirty years starting out on David Attenborough’s Private Life of Plants and working across every genre of Natural History from classic landmark, to children’s and now championing the latest developments in live.

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