Masa Hayakawa

Masa Hayakawa, Commissioner
 Executive Producer, Natural History & Science Programs, NHK Enterprises, Inc.

Masa Hayakawa is an Executive Producer for Natural History Programs at NHK Enterprises, Inc. He lived in Panama until the age of 10, becoming fluent in Spanish. He graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo in 1993. As an undergraduate, he took part in field studies of humpback whales and other marine mammals around Japan’s Bonin islands, Colombia’s Gorgona island, and Mexico’s Baja California region.

Hayakawa began making nature and science programs after joining NHK as a producer in 1993. His standout productions include “Descent into Mystery” (a 2002 documentary about the Guiana highlands for the flagship NHK Special slot), which ranks among the top 10 NHK Special documentaries in terms of audience rating. They also include an episode about Madacascar for the 2011 documentary series “Life Force” (a co-production with NHNZ, Science Channel, Animal Planet, and France Télévisions). This episode won numerous awards in Japan and around the world. Hayakawa was also involved with “Planet Earth” (a co-production with the BBC).

From 2011 to 2015, Hayakawa was based in London at an NHK affiliate, NHK Cosmomedia Europe, where he made numerous programs with European filmmakers. Since returning to Japan, he has been the series editor for the blue-chip natural-history program “Wild Life”, which has been running for more than 10 years. Hayakawa works on 30 editions per year.

Hayakawa’ latest works include the international co-productions “Okavango-A Flood of LIfe”(Natural History Film Unit, Fremantle and NHK) and “Wild Tokyo”(Oxford Scientific Films and NHK), which were released in Spring, 2020.

Jörn Röver

CEO Doclights / Head of NDR Natural History Unit


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