Patrick Aryee

Patrick Aryee, Wildlife TV Presenter

Documentary filmmaker and wildlife tv presenter Patrick Aryee, is somewhat of a self-confessed thrill seeker. Through experience, knowledge and the love of a good story, he’s transported millions of us across the globe to live out some seriously daring animal encounters. Whether it’s coming to within inches of the jaws of a lion, or free-diving with whales in the open ocean, nothing’s off limits when it comes to having a truly wild adventure.

Cutting his teeth at the BBC Natural History Unit, he’s worked on shows for top talent including Gordon Buchanan, Steve Backshall and the legend himself, Sir David Attenborough. Taking inspiration from Sir David, Patrick set his sights on a role in-front of the lens scoring his big break with BBC Two’s, ‘Super Senses: The Secret Power of Animals’.

Since then Patrick’s gone from strength to strength; with over 10 series titles to his name he’s become one of Sky’s leading nature presenters. His current focus lies in exploring African conservation in greater depth, championing the contributions of local communities as well as the wider African diaspora, and bringing their rich perspective to the heart of those narratives.

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