Tai Inoue

Tai Inoue, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

TV director of NHK, the sole public broadcaster in Japan, like BBC in UK. Joined NHK in 2010, I have produced a variety of TV programs so far.

NHK has been focusing on the development of 8K Super-hi-vision, and I'm actively adopting 8K format in my filming trips. In 2018, I participated in Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition as a TV director. I have produced 8K contents about the research activities of the expedition members in the extreme environments. Especially highly specialized in natural science documentaries.

Currently I work for “The Mating Game” series, the international co-production project between NHK and Silver Back Films in UK. NHK contributes the series with the advanced camera equipment, high technology of well-experienced cameramen and the expertise of the director.

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