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America's National Parks: Everglades

River of Grass – that’s what Everglades means. One of the largest wetlands on our planet is a puzzle of different fascinating habitats and home to thousands of species. An agile female American alligator and the Wood Stork, perhaps the weirdest looking North American bird; and the Key deer that lives in the dense impenetrable mangrove bushes of Florida Bay are in the centre of the story. The film presents their struggles against the brutal forces of South Florida’s nature and also how they cope with the army of new aggressive invasive species. And nobody knows yet that finally who will be the new king of the Everglades…

Production Company:
Doclights / NDR Naturfilm with ARTE, ORF for NDR & for National Geographic Channels
Running Time:
48 mins
Categories Nominated:
Animal Behaviour Award


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