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Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur

David Attenborough tells the story of the discovery and reconstruction in Argentina of the worlds largest known dinosaur, a brand new species of titanosaur. Measuring 37m long - close to four London buses put end to end, and weighing 70 metric tons, it now holds the record as the biggest animal ever to walk the earth. In 2014, a shepherd spotted the tip of a gigantic fossil bone sticking out of a rock in La Flecha Farm in the Chubut Province in the Argentinian desert. Palaeontologists soon uncovered a massive 2.4m long (femur) thigh bone, the largest ever found. By the end of the dig they had uncovered more than 220 bones. As the programme reveals, these all belong to a new species of the giant plant-eating titanosaur .

Production Company:
BBC, BBC Worldwide & PBS
United Kingdom
Running Time:
58 mins
Categories Nominated:
Science Award
Categories Won:
Jury's Special Prize


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