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Honey Hunters

"Honey Hunters" is a life story of bees and people. In order to get to the bottom of the mysteries of the life of bees and show them to the audience, the camera enters a contemporary hive and a traditional wild beehive drilled in the trunk of an old tree. It wanders the forests in Poland and Ural, mountains in Nepal and... roofs of Paris and Warsaw. For millions years bees have been laboriously building the natural environment of our planet. These days, they started to die by millions. A programme of wild tree beekeeping reintroduction was launched in Polish forests. It has been an ancient local tradition. Maybe reaching for the past, the original model of coexistence of bees and people, for wild tree beekeeping, can help us to save the bees? After watching “Honey Hunters” everyone wants to have their own beehive and harvest their own honey!

Production Company:
Arkana Studio co-produced with ARTE G.E.I.E.; Telewizja Polska S.A; Studio Produkcyjne ORKA sp. z o.o.; MX35 Wajda Szlenkier Litwin SP.J
Running Time:
76 mins
Categories Nominated:
People and Nature Award
Categories Won:
People and Nature Award
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