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India's Wandering Lions

After a brush with extinction, the Asiatic Lion is reclaiming its lost lands. But can lions and people truly settle their differences and live together… without conflict? Lions have come back from the brink of extinction in Gujarat - from a mere 20 in 1963 to over 500 today. However, their success has surpassed the natural capacity of Gir Forest, forcing lions to spill over its borders and seek new homes. At least 150 lions are now wandering outside Gir - some in smaller reserves, others in little patches of unprotected forest surrounded by fields and orchards, and quite a few are surviving entirely in the densely populated farmlands of rural Gujarat, where they are thriving. However, this isn't a bad case of lion conflict. The big cats have found a way to become an integral part of the Gujarati community, evolving a unique conservation model in the 21st century.

Production Company:
Ammonite Films & Kosmik Global Media
Running Time:
47 mins
Categories Nominated:
Creative Innovation Award, People and Nature Award


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