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John Bishop's Gorilla Adventure

John Bishop encounters Mountain Gorillas and discovers they have more in common with his family than he ever imagined. John realises adolescent male Mountain Gorillas are just like his teenage sons – bulging muscles but no sense. Plus they fart, flirt and pick their noses. John joins the Gorilla Doctors, a group of vets who have dedicated their lives to saving the 880 Mountain Gorillas left in the wild. The vets trek for hours every day through the Rwandan mountains to monitor the health of each gorilla and treat them at the first sign of illness or injury. It’s difficult, dangerous work, as John experiences when a huge Silverback threatens the team as they treat a baby gorilla. It’s also deeply rewarding. As John discovers, the vets’ work is paying off; gorilla numbers are increasing, but only through the constant vigilance of the Gorilla Doctors and a concerted conservation effort.

Production Company:
Tigress Productions & LOLA Entertainment
United Kingdom
Running Time:
52 mins
Categories Nominated:
Popular Broadcast Award
Categories Won:
Popular Broadcast Award
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