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Returning: Kingfisher

By Cees van Kempen

The dazzling kingfisher is usually associated with natural rivers, but this story takes place in a different environment. The Scheldt-Rhine Canal, between the harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam, provides passage for 70,000 cargo ships every year. So successful is the return of the kingfisher, that they now even inhabit some small creeks bordering one of the busiest canals in the world. The film shows the life of the kingfishers, as they conquer the challenges of such an unusual environment. Ultra high-speed cameras and special setups to film underground, in full colour, in their nest burrows have resulted in a unique film. Some behaviour has never been filmed like this before. Have you ever seen in full colour a kingfisher laying an egg? Kingfisher is the first episode of Returning, a series of three fifty-minute natural history documentaries. Each film delivers fascinating stories, stunning photography and ’never before filmed’ dramas.

Production Company:
Ispida Wildlife Productions BV, co-produced with BNN-VARA
Running Time:
50 mins
Categories Nominated:
Emerging Talent Award


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