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3000 miles, 16 horses, 4 men, 1 goal: to complete a 5-month journey that was once a reality for western frontiersman and still stirs the human spirit. Unbranded follows four young men as they take on a monumental challenge that will change them forever. Having recently graduated from Texas A&M, the four young cowboys are delaying their entry into the job market to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. For their trail horses, they have chosen wild mustangs. After hundreds of years of natural selection while roaming the rocky terrain of the west, this breed is perfect for the Unbranded team. As men and hoses move through the Rockies and America’s fabled backcountry, the film shows how the young men and horses bond as both the animals and their riders meet the many natural and human-made challenges that allow them to prove their mutual strength and resilience.

Production Company:
Fin & Fur Films LLC, Implement Productions & Cedar Creek Media LLC
United States
Running Time:
106 mins
Categories Nominated:
Theatrical Award
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