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Wild Expectations

Wild Expectations follows the adventures of two regular guys, both wildlife enthusiasts and good friends, as they travel to Chilean Patagonia in search of a very unique puma, encountering a host of other interesting critters along the way, they remain true to their quest of finding the elusive "No Tail". They utilise guiding skills learnt in Africa for finding animals, such as tracking as well as following signs provided by nature. All life excites the dynamic duo, from insects to pumas; nothing is too big or too small. The relationship between the presenters is the key to presenting the animal subjects in a fresh new way as they joke and have a laugh between delivering natural history and behavioral information. The presenters are accompanied by a small film crew, well experienced in the field of wildlife cinematography, who are also part of the adventure and therefore feature in the production.

Production Company:
Produced by Equilibrio Films, LLC in association with Nedo Producciones Ltda. for Animal Planet
United States
Running Time:
45 mins
Categories Nominated:
Creative Innovation Award, Popular Broadcast Award
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