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Wonders of the Monsoon: The Drought

This is the story of the other side of the Monsoon, what happens when the life-giving rains retreat. Its not just a time of hardship: focused resources lead to fantastic animal spectacles, ingenious survival solutions and examples of incredible endurance. From an explosion of budgies in Australia, to ingenious tropical bearded pigs; from the world's biggest camel fair to the largest gathering of Asian elephants; to the intimate story of a young leopard striking out alone. Wily desert foxes find unexpected windfalls in the salt pans whilst a clever crow cheats a mob of vultures. The film culminates with an incredible black buck fight in the yellow heat of high noon, before a terrible dust storm blows out the drought's last gasp. A dazzling array of behaviour is brought to life with stunning cinematography by some incredible talent.

Production Company:
BBC & Discovery
United Kingdom
Running Time:
58 mins
Categories Nominated:
Cinematography Award (large crew)


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