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Mountain: Life at the Extreme - Andes

The Andes is the longest and most diverse mountain range in the world, home to extraordinary animals and remarkable people. This film takes the audience on a south-to-north journey to experience the many different worlds that make up the Andes. At the southernmost tip lies Patagonia, where a female puma and her three cubs hunt amongst the frozen peaks. Further north, in Chile, the world's driest desert - the Atacama - is a high-altitude home to tenacious salt-tolerant lizards. Beyond that, in Peru, spectacled bears search for water in scorched high-altitude forests and tiny birds build their nests inside glaciers at an altitude of 5,500 metres. Finally, at the northernmost extent of the Andes, high in Ecuador's cloud forest, a newly discovered species of rain frog baffles scientists with its shape-shifting superpowers. The Andes is truly the mountain range of surprise and wonder.

Production Company:
BBC Studios - The Natural History Unit for BBC Two and PBS
United Kingdom
Running Time:
59 mins
Categories Nominated:
Music Award


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