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The Zoo - Poo Dunnit?

Is the Zoo getting rich from selling the animals poo!? After overhearing that zoo poo is ͚valuable͛, self-obsessed gorilla Jürgen is convinced the zoo͛s poo is being sold behind his back. To stop anyone cashing in, he calls a poo strike - no one is allowed to poo in the zoo. But as time passes it becomes more and more difficult for the animals to not give into the urge, and when a mystery poo is discovered the ͚No Poo Zoo͛ is gripped by a puzzling case of ͚Poodunnit͛.

Production Company:
BBC Studios - The Natural History Unit for CBBC, DHX
United Kingdom
Running Time:
12 mins
Categories Nominated:
Children’s Award
Categories Won:
Children’s Award


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