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Toad People

"Toad People" is a story about hope, community and the struggle to save the western toad. In British Columbia, toads are declining because of habitat loss, fragmentation, and roadkill. In different parts of the province, in the Kootenays, Whistler, Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, families and neighbours of all ages work hard to save the toads as they undertake their annual migration from the wetland habitat where they breed to the forest where they spend most of their lives. They stop road traffic; they collect toads in buckets and carry them across the road; they build toad tunnels. The film follows their passion for the natural world, their fighting spirit, and their struggles. Toad People is not just about toads, but about residents who care about species at risk in their backyards, from barn owls to mountain caribou, and help restore the fragile connections between communities and the natural world.

Production Company:
Wilderness Committee
Running Time:
76 mins
Categories Nominated:
Impact Award
Categories Won:
Impact Award


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