Tell us your #SymbioticStories

 ...for a chance to WIN a ticket to Wildscreen Manchester on 19 October.

There are some amazing tales waiting to be told of how animals work together for mutual benefit – if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

Whether it be oxpeckers removing ticks from rhino in return for a free meal, or hyenas helping to keep the streets of the Ethiopian city of Harar clean, nature is full of stories of mutually beneficial relationships. 

Working together is what Wildscreen is all about so we want you to tell us your best untold symbiotic story. It could be a story you’ve already witnessed or have always dreamt about telling. It could be told using film or photography (or both) but you don’t need to have the images already in the can.

 Simply send a one-page pitch to by 23:59 (GMT) on Sunday 8 October. The Wildscreen team will pick one winner who will receive a day ticket to Wildscreen Manchester: Symbiotic Stories and have the opportunity to get feedback on their pitch from industry experts. Winners will be notified by 12 October.

About Wildscreen Manchester

Our goal is to protect the natural world through enabling partnerships between conservationists and storytellers. Wildscreen Manchester is a day-long event on 19 October which will create opportunities for learning and collaboration through practical masterclasses,  inspiring keynote sessions and networking opportunities.

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